Director – Genevieve Skehan

Filmed & Edited – Paddy Bartram & Will March
Additional Music by Rooted Willow
Boundless was a coming of age short about Jake, a boy having difficulty coming to terms with the death of his much loved but distant father, running away to the exmoor whereupon meeting an unlikely travelling companion, he eventually learns to let go and is reconciled with his estranged mother.

The director had already had two tracks written for the piece by folk duo Rooted Willow, but we agreed it needed more of a soundtrack, however, I wanted to keep the charm and rustic nature that the folk songs added so I built a score around the tracks and in the case of ‘into the moors’ on top of it. The director was also keen that the music not be too serious in it’s interpretation of the human condition and the folk pieces served to offset the underlying sadness in line with the often humorous script and overall positive message of the film.